Life Coach FAQs

Why Hire a Life Coach?

How many times have you tried to change something in your life and not been successful? Have you tried all kinds of diets? Have you been determined to exercise, but haven’t? Do you feel stuck in a job or career that drains the life out of you? Have you had a marriage fail or even more than one? Do you have kids that are grown and don’t require your time as much as they used too or maybe you have a child with special needs that requires more of you than you could have ever imagined? What about your parents, are they gone and you’re left dealing with the loss? Or are you part of the sandwich generation taking care of your parent and having kids that need your attention?

Maybe your life is mostly great, except for that one thing that you just can’t seem to figure out.

What about taking your business, job, or career to the next level; are you ready but it’s just not happening? Or you’re ready to retire but scared of what will happen next? Do you have a best-selling novel you have been secretly holding inside of you that’s dying to get out but you just can’t seem to hold yourself to putting pen to paper? Maybe you want to start a new business and take your golden years by the reins but feel like this challenge is way harder than it was 20-30 years ago?

Are you diving into and devouring self-help books without finding the exact advice that you can put into action? Maybe a life coach is for you!

What A Life Coach Isn’t

A life coach is NOT:

A friend who will commiserate with your self-induced suffering.

A substitute for a therapist who will treat acute mental disorders and diseases.

Someone who will endlessly explore your past or allow you to retell your painful life stories as if they’re still the cause of your discomfort.


Based on something shallow or unscientific.

What a Life Coach Is

A Life Coach IS:

A game changer for good!

Simply put, a life coach is someone who can help you get perspective on your life and your mind.

What Does a Life Coach Do?

As much as an athletic coach works with an athlete to understand and analyze performance in both practice and a game, a life coach works with clients to understand and analyze what they are doing in their cognitive, emotional, and behavioral lives. The coach has an objective vantage point – a different perspective from which they can spot what’s working as well as areas for change and improvement. This is as essential for a well-lived life as it is for a well-played sport.

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