What the heck is a Mompreneur?

What the heck is that?

I have to literally laugh out loud when I hear the word Mompreneur. I guess it is meant to simply describe Moms that are in their own business??!?

Why do I giggle. Well I guess I was a Mompreneur before it was cool and didn’t even know!

I have been an entrepreneur my whole life, never holding a job more that a few days. You know the ones you get when you’re a teenager, like McDonald’s (probably what spearheaded my hatred for the place!) or helping out a farmer (easy job to find when you live in the country 😉).

I have always had more than one business going at a time and when my kids were born there was never a thought that occurred that I wouldn’t be “supermom” and keep the kids with me while continuing all of my business commitments. I can tell you life definitely changed and how I juggled/balanced it all makes me just smile today. But when I was in the heat of it, many times I was crying at the end of a very long day!

Would I change it? No way!

Except the way I do it today, 25 years later, is very different than all those years ago! Then you may ask: why does she consider herself a stay at home, work from home, Mompreneur now if she only had 2 kids and they are now 25 and 22? Well, my youngest son has pretty extreme special needs and requires 24/7 care. He wasn’t born with the effects and didn’t start to show symptoms until 5 years old. Fortunately he had a slower than expected onset of the diseases than we were told to expect. But by the age of 7, he was totally blind and developed seizures by the time he was 10. That’s as much of the details I’m going to share here. The focus of this story is to shine a light in a different direction.

You never know what you don’t know right?!

My point is that all of those years spent working from home with my boys right by my side allowed me to create systems, processes and develop businesses that were in alignment with the time I had and how I wanted to spend it. I sold off a very successful brick and mortar that was taking too much of my time at the physical location. When I did that I didn’t have a plan, I just knew I would figure something out!

I took a bit of a break and wanted to study some new things a little deeper that I had been working into our lives. This new area of interest was health and wellness, particularly from a nutrition standpoint. Increasing my family’s overall health became a priority. Learning how to do that became my passion. So for 5 years I studied and (self & family) tested all kinds of things in our home. Making our home as non-toxic as possible and eating the cleanest most nutritious food I could find or grow. Then I came upon bringing back beautiful aromas into our home that had been lost in the scent of vinegar, baking soda and castile soap! I dove deep into the effect of fragrances: “natural” senses and flavors that have such a huge effect on our brains, let alone overall bodies. Essential oils proved to be the safest and purest sources of aroma on the planet and I was in!

Now fast forward to where she was going with the whole Mompreneur thing.

I ended up starting my own essential oils business. No, I’m not distilling at home, but don’t think I didn’t look into that, lol! I did the even more unthinkable…I joined an MLM, Multi-Level Marketing company; yes I’m a Network Marketer! Ok, so this may make you think less of me at first. Maybe it even made me think less of me! After all, I was a “school of hard knocks” entrepreneur, work hard both physically and mentally and eventually it will all pan out nicely. And fortunately, in my case, it did, but that’s not the case for many.

I would like to share a different thought about Network Marketing that may or may not resonate with you. When I started my essential oils business I was so happy to be able to share with other mamas, grandmamas, aunts, teachers, and women what I was doing to take a bit of control of my family’s health and, in turn, providing the biggest and best component: HOPE! Taking care of your family for many mamas is their most important job.  It is 100% important to me! I found a lot of people were in my shoes and were very thankful for me sharing my stories, my successes, and giving them the support they were looking for to change their lives to a more non-toxic healthy lifestyle. This success allowed me to move my business forward while also bringing along with me others that were now also building their own business doing it their way and in alignment with their personal goals.

Long story short.

Fast forward 22 years and I’m more a stay at home mama than when my babies were littles, taking care of a special needs son who requires 24/7 care. I am a full time caregiver and wouldn’t want anyone else in my place. I am thankful to have the ability and resources needed to make this an option for my family. I have a business that fully fits my families lifestyle. I am able to provide financial support for our family, continue finding purpose for what I do (this is huge!), and have an amazing supportive network of women helping women to succeed (not competitive like much old school thinking that there is only one winner, the boss!). How this business works and the supportive team benefits outweigh any paycheck.

Over the last 6 years of engaging in the online marketing space I have had much success. Let’s be clear, this didn’t come easy where people were just contacting me without me having to put the time and work into my business. Building any business takes work, sacrifice, patience and determination but,

“when you create your business from a place of love, compassion and service people will resonate with you very naturally”.

This new-ish online space way to build your business from home is such an amazing opportunity for this new level of Mompreneurs. It can truly catapult your business in so much less time for a lot less upfront expense (if done well). As opposed to starting a brick & motor business, which will require a much more substantial investment. I have found not only a successful essential oil business but I also do coaching as well, which has really become a huge passion for me.

I am furthering my coaching business to now reach out to other women that would like the one-on-one experience of working in a life coaching program to help them in all areas of their life. I will only have a limited amount of spaces available but promise you the results you will receive will be amazing in so many ways. Whether you are struggling with weight issues, relationships, or wanting to just feel happier I can help!

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