Morning Pages

Let’s Set the Scene

It’s the first thing in the morning. The sun has yet to peek through the clouds. It’s quiet outside, with the exception of a few birds that are singing outside.

You’re lying in the bed and you need to get up, however the bed just won’t let you go. Your mind starts to wander and you’re reflecting upon your life.

Who are you – really?
Where do you see yourself one year from now?

Do you find that you’re easily overwhelmed or indecisive – feeling as if, regardless of your aspirations, you can never quite figure out how to bring them to fruition?

Well, take a moment – and – just – BREATHE. Yes. Close your eyes. Inhale. Exhale.

You are an AMAZING person, who has the power to develop into whoever you truly want to be, even if it takes a little while.
That’s the type of motivation that we’d like to feel every morning. Just wake up and get started being more successful as the days progress – hoping and wishing that the literal days do not pass by without a sense of accomplishment or purpose.

How do you go about discovering the true you and your purpose?

This is where Morning Pages come into play

It works like this: upon awakening, without even thinking about it – just take some paper, your journal, whatever and just start writing. This is not the time to utilize technology – i.e., typing on your computer, tablet or smart-phone.

Instead, just take a good old-fashioned pen and put to your paper and write out your thoughts. This does not have to be complicated – you don’t have to spend 30 minutes or an hour writing b/c you will eventually have to get ready for your day – right?!.

When we actually write, as opposed to typing, it helps us to focus, calm down and may even help alleviate anxiety. Take some time and jot down at least three pages. It does not have to be organized into perfect sentences or paragraphs. Utilize this time as an opportunity to just get your thoughts out. There are so many things floating around in our minds daily, however we rarely take the necessary time to process it all.

Morning Pages will provide you with an outlet to discover the true you. If you like, prior to going to sleep at night, you can reflect upon what you wrote during your Morning Pages for the day.
This doesn’t even have to be shared with anyone. Use this time to get to know yourself better.
Now, even though the name of the process is Morning Pages, the same steps can be used if you work a late shift (for example) and are asleep during the day.

Occasionally monitor yourself over time while writing your daily reflective Morning Pages.

Do you have more clarity, insight, and a sense of fulfillment? Are you accomplishing more?

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