Random Things About Me

Want To Get To Know Me?

1. The best thing I have ever done in this life is give birth to our two boys.
2. I love my dog and talk to her like she’s my little girl.
3. My home is my heart.
4. My happy place where I just can breathe…the beach!

5. Fancy, expensive shoes or barefoot? Barefoot!

6. Music makes me super happy! I love the beat and lyrics that resonate with where I am in my life. When I’m feeling funky blasting some of my favorites always makes me feel better!
7. I love to travel and have lots of places on my list to see yet!
8. Once bought a 39’ RV, Jeep and loaded up our family and took a month to go from PA to California and back! Best.Decision.Ever!
9. I am super spontaneous!
10. Love an adventure!
11. Not afraid to launch before “I’m ready”.

12. Have enough photography equipment to be a national geographic photographer but lack the skills, Lol!

13. I have a Go Big or Go Home mentality. This can be good or bad 😉
14. I’ve got serious parallel parking skills!
15. I have a serious Apple addiction – as in IOS not red delicious!
16. I love learning new things everyday!
17. Have a very strong belief that yes everything is FIGURE-Outable!
18. My husband is my best friend, love of life and we have been together for 30 years!
19. I have learned that being a spiritual being doesn’t have to mean you go to church just on Sundays.
20. Bad habit…when I’m stressed I may bite my nails.
21. My love of water and sunshine. It cleanses, feeds, and purifies my body and soul.
22. My first business was selling old truck tire tubes on the side of the road to tourists wanting to tube down the Delaware River when I was 9 or 10 years old.
23. I quit college & went back home to fall in love with the man of my dreams!
24. We got married at 21 and started 2 new businesses!

25. I went back to work 4 days after my first son was born because when you’re self-employed sometimes you have to do things like that!

26. I worked with my sons by my side and on my back, literally when they were littles 🙂
27. My favorite beach that I have visited so far is Francis Bay Beach on St John, USVI.
28. Growing succulents is a fun challenge for me.
29. I taught myself to knit and crochet from YouTube.
30. I was raw vegan for 6 months and really enjoyed it!
31. I enjoy a glass of wine occasionally and sometimes more than 1 glass 😉
32. Love trying new foods!
33. Love a fancy restaurant with my love…

34. I once landed a small private airplane!

35. I love to start new books, finish good books, and read great books two times!
36. My first car was a VW Bug.
37. 3 of my current BFFs are from the 1st grade!
38. I secretly wish I could have been a rock star!
39. I would love to learn to formally dance.
40. I’m an only child…

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